Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Rowena Crest, Oregon
And hike the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
200 miles round trip ride
10 mile round trip hike from Mosier to Hood River


Interesting start with a beware of the bear sign....

Well, undaunted, I'm off....
At 10 miles round trip, this will be the longest hike so far
but the entire trail is smooth and paved so it wasn't really that bad.
Took four hours to walk ten miles so I would rate this trail as "easy"

Nice views just starting off. Columbia River facing East

Same view from a higher elevation

View West towards Hood River

Eighteenmile Island from the Old Columbia Highway State Trail

I-84 and the Columbia River facing west towards Hood River and Bingen, Washington

The entrance to the twin tunnels. This was originally built when
cars were a new thing. This road was quite the design marvel in it's day

Eighteenmile Island again

Getting close to Hood River now

The Hood River Trailhead. Made it!

The view from the State Park Trailhead in Hood River facing east towards The Dalles

The view from the State Park Trailhead in Mosier facing east towards The Dalles

Mosier, Oregon - Pop 470
The Mosier School K-12

The Route 30 snack bar.. quite the happening place.
Good milk shakes!
There's a shrine to James Dean and a lot of before and after
pictures of his Porsche. Also several classic Porsches on site.

Rowena Crest

Facing east. That's the Columbia River and I-84 headed towards The Dalles

That's the little Town of Lyle, Washington across the river

That's Mount Adams off in the distance
Historic Route 30 down below. Picture taken from the Rowena Crest viewpoint

View of Mount Hood from Dallesport, Washington

The Dalles Bridge across the Columbia River

Not much in the high plains desert of Dallesport

The Dalles Dam

Memaloose Island and Mosier, Oregon as seen from Lyle, Washington

The view of Rowena Gap from the other side of the river at Lyle, Washington

Ride to Cape Disappointment

Ride to Cathlamet