Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Detroit Lake
Willamette National Forest - 7/25/10

250 miles round trip


Nice ride along Oregon 244 from Estacada to Detroit Lake.
Much of it along the Clackamas River.
Tried to take this ride a few weeks ago with the Dilligafs
but this road was closed at the summit due to snow
where these pictures were taken. We're about ten miles from Detroit, Oregon

Mount Jefferson at the summit above Breitenbush

Detroit Lake with Mount Jefferson in the background

Below: Detroit Lake facing West towards the dam

Stahlman Point Trailhead. Willamette National Forest
Not one of your more popular trails as you can see.
2 1/2 miles straight up... a three hour hike up and back.
I would rate this trail as moderately difficult due to the steep, sustained incline.
The view made the effort worth the work though

One of many minor obstacles we had to overcome

View of Detroit Lake about half way up Stahlman Trail

The last 200 feet was a real challenge
Below: View of Mount Jefferson from the top

Took a lot of pictures while at the top because the chances
of ever coming back up here are about zero

Julie having a conversation with her shadow.
This used to be a Ranger smoke watch tower. All that's left
are the decaying foundation anchors. No water, no Starbucks... nuthin'.
Julie's happy we finally made it to the top though

I'll go almost anywhere for a good photo opportunity

Above: View of Detroit Lake on the way back down the trail
Below: Suzy waited for us in the shade

Heading for home. Above is the Detroit Dam
Below: Along Oregon 22 heading towards Salem

Amber waves of grain. Sublimity, Oregon

Along Oregon 213 North towards Silverton

Ride to Lava Canyon

Ride to Paradise