Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Ride to Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake, Oregon
For Julie's Birthday

With stops in the ghost towns of Golden, Oregon
Buncom, Sterlingville and Jacksonville, Oregon

Also the Grave Creek covered bridge and Sunny Valley, Oregon

An overnight stop in Medford, Oregon

A 678 mile ride around Southern Oregon
Labor Day Weekend
August 29 - August 30, 2014

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Haven't been here since around 1998 when I rode the Big Dog to Crater Lake.
Seems to me I went with BratGirl (tm) but I could be mistaken since my brain
no longer works.

I was also down Medford-Ashland way on my Honda around 1988-1989 or so.

Day One

PDX - Medford
Ghost Town tours

335 miles

Day Two

Medford - PDX
Visit Crater Lake National Park

344 miles

Started out a little chilly and overcast but warmed up and cleared up down past
Springfield. Springfield. The home and headquarters for Oregon's Obama-loving,
anti-American, commie nit-wits which, not so ironically, is also the home of the

Stopped to check out the ghost town of Golden, Oregon. Not difficult to find at all.
Aboust three miles east of Wolf Creek on a paved, well marked road. It dead-ends
after a while so pretty much zero traffic.

Some kid in a kid car drove down the hill to check us out so just as in most small
towns, you ARE being watched even if the joint looks deserted.

Here's still more pictures of the Golden, Oregon segment.

Sunny Valley and the Grave Creek covered bridge were close by so made a stop there.
Here's more pictures of the Grave Creek Bridge segment.

Here's more pictures of the Sunny Valley segment.

Then a stop to visit the dead guys at the Jacksonville, Oregon cemetery.

Here's more pictures of the Jacksonville Cemetery

Then over to downtown Jacksonville, Oregon which is a national historic city...
which includes wall-to-wall tourists and various, assorted shitbags. Like this guy...
zoomed, and I mean ZOOMED past me in a 20 mph zone because he apparently didn't want
me to get a picture of his 1957 Impala. So he has a shiny, perfectly restored classic
car and DOESN'T want people taking pictures of it?!?!?! That's a special kind of
dipzoid.... waaaaaaaay to many people here to suit me!

Shot off a roll of pictures and then got the hell out of there. Not overly likely
we'll be back any time soon so I took a LOT of pictures. Getting a picture without
people or parked cars in the frame was pretty much not an option today...

Here's more pictures of the Jacksonville, Oregon segment.

And here's still more pictures of the Jacksonville, Oregon segment.

And here's some pictures of some old cars in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Then down to the ghost town of Buncom, Oregon.

Here's more pictures of the Buncom, Oregon segment.

Then to the ghost town of Sterlingville. Not much here except the cemetery.

Here's more pictures of the Sterlingville, Oregon segment.

Then the main attraction of the trip... Crater Lake National Park.

Left Medford at 07:00. Chilly ride to the park. Got there early and before the
loonie birds showed up. Got some great pictures... who knows when we'll be back
again so made this visit count.

Here's more pictures of the Crater Lake National Park segment.

And here's still more pictures of Crater Lake

Here's some birthday pictures of Julie

Here's some random pictures taken along the way.

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