Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2016 Edition

Travels to several Oregon Ghost towns in
Sherman and Gilliam County

Klondike, Oregon
Webfoot, Oregon
Fairview, Oregon
Ajax, Oregon
Gwendolen, Oregon
Clem, Oregon
Mikkalo, Oregon
Olex, Oregon

And Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Memorial Day Weekend
May 28, 2016

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There's not much left in Klondike. A crossroads, a farm, several old buildings...

Klondike is an unincorporated community in Sherman County, Oregon, United States.
It is near the Wasco, Oregon site of the Klondike III Wind Project, Oregon's largest
wind energy farm with 176 turbines for wind energy (see pictures at our Webfoot, Oregon stop.

A.B. Potter was first postmaster of its post office, which was established on
January 11, 1899. The office closed on November 30, 1951

Many thanks to Dan Holt, Cottage Grove, Oregon, for the information that made
this Ghost Town tour as organized as it was. First found out about these lesser
known location when I found his Klondike Tour video on youtube.

Today's tour was part adventure, part scouting mission. We like to hit a large number
of new locations the first time around, find the obvious points of interest, get the
lay of the land and then return to find whatever we missed on future visits after
doing more research.

I don't think we missed much in Klondike although I there is supposed to be
a concrete school in Klondike (or Webfoot...or both towns). We shall see....

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