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Silver Falls State Park
Silverton, Oregon
Hike the Trail of Ten Falls
A 4 hour, 8.7 mile hike with 300' of elevation gain
The First Day of Spring
March 20, 2014

Miles hiked= 113.93; Total elevation gain= 7,474'

2013 Totals: 246.55 miles, 59,412' elevation gain
2012 Totals: 367.58 miles, 101,161' elevation gain

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I did this hike in 2010.

2014 hike pictures are HERE and HERE

An Oregon State Parks pass or a $5 day use fee payment is required here.

In my overly long life, the number of "most memorable people" I have known is.....
zero. :(

South Falls.

Eloise said it's too bad that we don't know anyone who likes magical falls....

Not many people here today. This was definitely the day to do this hike. First
day of Spring. Not warm but dry and at least some sun. And Spring Break starts
tomorrow so I'm guessing the place will get crowded in a hurry.

The South and North Falls have a trail right behind them where you can very VERY
close to the falls.

Lower South Falls

I was surprised to see a lone eagle out here today.
Could be a turkey vulture. Too high to tell.

Lower North Falls

More pictures of today's hike are HERE.

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