Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Sisters, Oregon
We got to see a LOT of mountains on this ride
Plus, the McKenzie Pass route 242 was actually open!!!
Probably the last 80 degree weekend day we'll be seeing until next July.
380 miles - 9/25/10


We're off! Met the Dilligafs at Estacada and ran 224 to Detroit
Pictures of that segment are HERE if you're interested.

This place in Detroit is the only gas for many, many miles. They are
always busy and you are really up against it if you get here and they are closed.

First stop was the B&B complex burn site at the Elliott Corbett State Park
on Route 126/20 between Hoodoo and Sisters

The crew.....

Mount Washington

Broken Top, North Sister and Middle Sister at the North end of
The McKenzie Pass highway 242 in Sisters, Oregon

And the Dilligafs looking at the wrong camera at that same location.

The other view

Sisters, Oregon. A not wonderful lunch at the Depot Deli thanks to a car
mechanic's recommendation.... Sisters is an off-the-scale Yuppie Scum, overly crowded
Tourist trap. I couldn't get out of there fast enough and back into the wilderness.

Mount Washington from a viewpoint along route 242. This road is usually
closed due to snow 10 months (or more) out of the year.

The Belnap Crater and Little Belnap to the left

Mount Jefferson

Three Fingered Jack

Mount Washington

The goils taking pictures, texting, fixing their hair or whatever...

Mount Jefferson and Patti rubbing my nose in the fact that she has bars up here..

I'll go pretty much anywhere for a good picture.

I thought this was an eagle but on closer examination looks more like a buzzard

Our destination! McKenzie Pass and the Dee Wright Observatory.
That's Black Crater in the background

The Dee Wright Observatory

Patti and Sergeant Dilligaf at the Dee Wright Observatory

The observatory has windows for each mountain for ease of viewing
This one is for Black Crater

North Sister (left) and Middle Sister

Mount Washington (left) and Mount Jefferson (right)

Black Butte

Belnap Crater (left) and Mount Washington
Took lots of pictures because who knows if/when I'll ever be back.

The Corvette Club must have heard I'd be here today....
Rode Suzy though and didn't take the LT-4.

North Sister (left) and Middle Sister

Mount Washington

Proxy Falls, on the McKenzie Pass route 242 highway

We're off to see the Wizard....

Pictures from a camera just don't do this view justice. It's
truly magical

Heading Northwest on 216 now. Sahalie Falls. Getting close to sunset
and a long ride back home ahead.

Route 22 would have been a nice ride if the sun wasn't in my eyes blinding me most of the time
It was still mostly not cold after sundown. Got home at around 21:00... long day.

Sunset over Lake Foster, Sweet Home, Oregon.

Banks Vernonia Linear Park

Archer Mountain ride and climb