Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2015 Edition

2015 Oregon Ghost Town and Steam Train tour
August 28-31, 2015

With stops in Hermiston, Weston and Elgin, Oregon
Wallowa, Imnaha, Monument, Holdman
Helix, Athena, Enterprise, Oregon
Kings Corner

Checked out the Eagle Cap Excursion Train in Elgin, Oregon

Ride the Moonlight Express on the Sumpter Valley Railroad

Lunch at Hat Rock State Park
Visit The Blue Banana in Lostine, Oregon

Run the length of Hells Canyon

Visit the Oregon Ghost Towns of
Fox, Granite, Bourne
Sumpter, McEwen, Whitney
Cornucopia, Yellow Dog

Stardate 71251.6
aka Julie's Birthday
August 29, 2015

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I was out to Hells Canyon in 2010.

We were out Sumpter, Oregon way in 2014

Pictures of past Stardate adventures: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Looks like the Daughter formerly known as The Jeep has another Grandchild
(who I will also likely never get to meet) in the oven. Well... at least
my GrandSpore Downtown Noah Brown is getting to see old trains as part of
his upbringing. You sure don't get the life you wanted or expected to have....
Eloise Jeep is happy with the way things turned out. Me, not so much.....

Sort of looks like North Conway, New Hampshire. Been there a few times.
It's excellent.
Glad to see that the kiddo is being schooled to appreciate old trains.

So here's Prunella out of the oven. And my Son in Law....
The last time I saw (or even heard from) the Daughter formally known as
the Jeep (TDFKATJ) she was younger than Noah is now. She turned 39 this month.

Here's some random pictures taken along the way.

There is a major fire out here in the John Day area. It's been burning
for a couple of weeks.

Not all turkeys are in Multnomah County....

Pretty good lunch at Chuck's Little Diner in Praire City, Oregon.

Pretty good b'fast at Pat's Pheasant Grill, Arlington, Oregon.

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