Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Ride to the old Shade Tree Restaurant
Which was also known as The Mountain Inn
And is now called the Glenwood Inn
For a yummy club sandwich and fries
Glenwood, Washinton
Also Stevenson, BZ Corner and Klickitat, Washington
Chamberlain Lake, Parkersville and White Salmon
A 240 mile ride

The first dry, half way warm day in 2014
March 12, 2014

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So I have this shiny new 2014 Harley Davidson Road King looking for some place to go.
But all of a sudden (ok, not quite THAT suddenly) no companion to ride with.
Undaunted... (I've certainly been here before...) I'm not going to just sit
at home in the dark waiting for someone to come along who will like me
enough to want to go on a nice, scenic ride. So off I go.

I've been doing this ride several times a year since around 2005. I've got
pictures of some of the earlier rides salted away in the wayback machine somewhere.
One of these days I'll get around to posting them.

My 2010 ride is posted HERE.

The 2011 Spring opener ride to Glenwood is posted HERE.

Our 2012 ride is posted HERE. Our Spring 2013 ride is HERE.

Our Summer 2013 ride is HERE. The 2013 Finale is HERE.

Washington State Highway 14 east to White Salmon. Left (North) on 141 to BZ Corner
Right onto the BZ-Glenwood Hwy to Glenwood. Turn right at Glenwood and follow the
highway along the Klickitat River (great views!) to the junction of hwy 142. Right
(west) on 142 to Lyle (more great views!). State Highway 14 west back to Portland.

If you'd like to tag along, E-mail me for assembly point times and locations.

They changed the name of this place (again) and the menu is different. Wonder
if the place has new owners. Didn't see wall-to-wall children this time so maybe
the couple who bought the place from Jerry sold it? Well, anyway.... their
yummy traditional club sandwich is no longer on the menu but they will make it
for you if you ask. Well, they did for me, anyway.

The new menu has a lot of tempting stuff on it but old Mr. Reliable isn't going
to bail for a "better sandwich"... loyalty is not honored, respected or appreciated
in the workplace or in relationships but still... I'll keep patronizing businesses
that I like and I'll keep ordering the same menu items over and over until I die (or
until they go out of business) because when you find something you like, the time
for looking around and "shopping around" is over.

I was really happy when a young couple bought this place when Jerry retired. And
they kept everything more or less the same. So I'm hoping the Glenwood Inn will
keep on being a yummy lunch destination for me until I am in the ground.

Updated picture....

But Mr. Reliable likes the old one....

If you're looking for a nice day ride or a Sunday drive with a yummy lunch stop
this is a good one. Excellent views and scenery year round and very few people!


But... back to the beginning. Not having a spouse, girlfriend, employer,
friends and so on does have it's up side. For one thing, it's liberating to be
able to just hit the road on gorgeous mid-week days such as we had today.

Best and warmest day so far this year. Great day for the Glenwood opener. Stopped
in Parkersville, Washington, a historic site in Washougal. Looks like it could
be an interesting place to look around. I'll have to come back when I have more time.

Then a stop at the Cape Horn viewpoint over the Columbia River. Suzy needs a
bath but she's a happy goil because she's out riding and both Harleys are sitting
in the garage. It's nice to have *SOMEONE* like me....

Then a quick stop in White Salmon to look at a frosty Mount Hood.

Lots of good views of Mount Adams along the way.

Glenwood is a nice little town. Nice people (but not too many of them....)
No traffic, no dogs running all over... clean air, quiet, nice......

After a nice lunch in Glenwood, stopped at the usual viewpoint (Mr. Predictable,
right?) to have a look at the Klickitat River.

Stopped in Klickitat to visit the Klickitat Rail Trail caboose

And a stop at Chamberlain Lake before heading back to the barn.

Not that I care so much anymore but there are already colorful weeds out here....

I'm not so happy riding alone but it is what it is. Nice weather, nice day,
nice journey.... could be worse. It could be a whole lot worse. Like being
with someone who would rather be with someone else, for example.

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