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Visit the Ghost Town of
Hardman, Oregon
aka Dairyville, Yellow Dog, Raw Dog
April 1, 2016

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Were were out to the Ghost Town of Hardman, Oregon in 2012 and again in 2015 and 2016.

Hardman (20 miles southwest of Heppner on state Highway 207) is exceptionally
picturesque, boasting dozens of scattered wooden buildings surrounded by grasslands
and wheat fields. Variously known as Dairyville, Raw Dog, Yaller Dog and Dogtown in
its early history, it has been known by its current name since 1882, when a post
office was moved here from the home of farmer David Hardman.

Once a milling center for wheat farms, it declined after it was bypassed by the
railroad in favor of Heppner. The last shop closed in 1968, the same year the post
office closed its doors. More than a dozen rural mailboxes stand beside the highway,
in front of the ruins, a reminder that despite the lack of services, people still
live here - perhaps about three dozen in the town itself and within a couple of miles
around, by one resident's estimate.

The heart of town is the Hardman Community Center, built in 1870 as the Odd Fellows
(IOOF) Hall. The de facto town hall, which at one point attracted preservation funds
from the State of Oregon, is used for monthly dinners and other social events. Across
the highway is the former grocery store and gas station, deserted for 45 years.
Nearby is a garage, a jack still sitting beneath a rusted remnant of an antique vehicle.

Here's more pictures of today's Hardman, Oregon Ghost Town segment.

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