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Klickitat Trail Conservatory (KTC) 10th Anniversary
Hike the Klickitat Rail Trail
From the Pitt Trailhead to the Lyle Trailhead
A 10 mile, one way hike w/car shuttle

Total miles hiked= 358.98; Total elevation gain= 97,808'
October 14, 2012

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The entire Klickitat Rail Trail hike is documented HERE.

We did this same hike last Fall. Pictures from that hike are HERE.

Here's our pictures from the May, 2012 Pitt to Fisher Hill Bridge hike.

Pictures from our 2011 Swale Canyon hike.

Pictures from our 2012 Swale Canyon hike

Here's some pictures of the Klickitat Caboose

Here's the story behind the Klickitat Caboose.

The KTC folks are really nice people. R-E-A-L-L-Y nice. They are totally
committed to this project and it is a pleasure to participate in their various
very well planned and well executed events. This anniversary hike is probably the
last "serious" hike they will be putting on for 2012 although they have a few
more light hikes planned. At close to 200 miles round trip to get to Lyle
it doesn't make sense to go that far for a 3 mile hike as much as we enjoy
being with these folks. The KTC does excellent work and would certainly
appreciate your support.

This turned out to be the yummy fruit hike.... lots of apple trees and berry
bushes. Julie made a new friend and picked a few apples along the way.

Bev, our Trail Boss (right) and Julie pick a few apples at the Pitt Trailhead.

There was a low ceiling all day and it started sprinkling just after we got
to the trailhead. But it was in the mid-60s and very comfortable hiking weather .
Some good color along the Klickitat River but still a few weeks from peak.

There are certainly some very interesting homes along this trail.

Jim Denton, our Assistant Trail Boss, is one of the most interesting guys I've
ever met. On this hike I learned everything you'd ever want to know about rattlesnakes.
If you ever find yourself caught in the apocalypse, Jim is the guy you want to be with.

Yet another apple picking break....

Fisher Bridge, about 1.5 miles from the Lyle Trailhead.

And finally back to the Lyle Trailhead.

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