Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Ride to Paradise, Washington
Mount Rainier National Park
With stops in Morton, Packwood, Sunrise and Longmire, Washington
Skate Creek Road (FR 52)
And a burger in Elbe, Washington
An 450 mile, two day weekend ride

August 16 - 17, 2014

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We did the Cascade Loop Ride out this way in 2013

Here's pictures of our 2010 ride to Paradise.

We were out to Sunrise in 2013 and twice in 2011.
The first trip report is HERE and the second is HERE.

When we got out here yesterday afternoon the area was pretty much socked in.
But Eloise arranged for today to be a gorgeous bluebird day. Thanks Ell!

Here's more pictures of the Paradise, Washington segment.

Stopped for lunch in Morton.

Here's more pictures of the Morton, Washington segment.

Got a late start Saturday so stayed over in Packwood, just a few miles from
Mount Rainier National Park.

Here's more pictures of the Packwood, Washington segment.

Headed out early for Sunrise a little after sunrise. Good thing we got there
early... the line at the payment booth was a mile long by the time we left.

Here's more pictures of the Sunrise, Washington segment.

Here's still more pictures of the Sunrise, Washington segment.

Great views at numerous turnouts in the Mount Rainier National Park. And lots of
colorful weeds.

Here's more pictures of Mount Rainier National Park taken along the way.

Stopped in Longmire. Here's more pictures of this ride's Longmire, Washington segment.

We've been wanting to check this place out for a while. Always long lines.
Had an "overload" cheeseburger at the Scaleburgers stand in Elbe, Washington.
Not too shabby....

Got behind a very cool 1950 Pontiac headed for the bridge to Rainier, Oregon.

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