Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Ride to Cathlamet, Washington
The Julia Butler Hansen refuge
Wahkiakum County
Dismal Nitch and Astoria, Oregon
A 230 mile ride
July 7, 2012

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We were out to Cathlamet in 2011.
Also Dismal Nitch and Skamokawa.

Dismal Nitch was once known as Megler's where Lewis and Clark were
stranded in 1805 sitting out a storm. They noted this place as "that dismal little

The obligatory stop at the dock in Rainier, Oregon to look at the Mary B., Lori B.
Kathryn B. and Glory B.

The bridge across the Columbia River from Rainier, Oregon to Longview, Washington.

Cathlamet, Washington is an "interesting" little town situated on the Columbia
River. They run a little ferry that crosses over to Westport, Oregon. It's not a
Ghost Town but many of the buildings are derelicts and many of the small businesses
in town have been closed for years.

There were American Bald Eagles all over the place here. At the top of the piling,
in the top center of this picture you can see an eagle's nest with the momma eagle and
her little babies. You can click the picture to enlarge it a little.

Main Street, Cathlamet, Washington. Pretty dead... some meth head who was probably
the Mayor of this little burg followed us down the street, trying to engage us in
inane conversation. If it isn't Obama loving commie know-nothing "occupy" socialists,
it's inbred drug addicted townies... no surprise that Julie and I prefer true ghost towns...

If you're ever out this way, stop into Sharon's and have a "The One" sandwich. Very
tasty. The full name is "The One that Chris Always Orders....

I never noticed this before.. they may be all over but this one was on a little side
street in Cathlamet... a "little free library". Very cool.

There are many quaint homes in Cathlamet. Many date back to the mid-1800's.

We stopped at the Julia Butler Hansen refuge for Columbia White-Tailed Deer...
which was rather a disappointment. Perhaps we missed something.. the office was
closed so there was no one there to talk to. No nature trail to hike that we saw
and nothing but cows laying in the meadow.

Visited the memorial for John the dead guy at Dismal Nitch, Washington.

The view across the Columbia River from Dismal Nitch, Washington.

Before the bridge was built in the mid-1960's, the only way to get across the river
to Astoria was by ferry boat. I believe this is what's left of the ferry landing.

Across the river and into Astoria, Oregon. Everyone was heading to the coast for
the weekend while we are on our way back to Portland.

This looks like some sort of an old armory building being refurbished.
In Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro, Law Enforcement is very aggressive in ticketing
motorists who do not honor pedestrians in crosswalks... and for good reason. Even
with vigorous crosswalk law enforcement, dozens of innocent pedestrians are run
down and killed here ever year. Not so in Astoria... we had vehicles zooming in
front of us AND behind us as we crossed this tiny street.... one fucktard in a
piece of shit pickup truck nearly ran us down only to sit in his parked shitbox
in the parking lot. My Father used to call people like this "murderers". Had this
fuckhead run us down, it would not have been "an accident". It would have been cold
blooded murder.

This trolley runs along the Astoria waterfront. I've never been on it (too damned
many people)... $1.00 for one ride or $2.00 per person for an all day fare.

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