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2015 Edition

2015 Lincoln County Oregon
Ghost Town Ride
Visit Kernville, Oregon
aka Millport, Oregon

Plus a few area Covered Bridges
A 393 mile, mostly loop tour

July 25, 2015

Coming from Portland you may want to consider hitting
these bridges in the order listed

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Lincoln County Covered Bridges

Drift Creek Covered Bridge

Chitwood Covered Bridge

Yachats Covered Bridge

Fisher School Covered Bridge

Hayden Covered Bridge (Benton County)

Ghost Towns

Kernville, Oregon

Elk City, Oregon

Coast Pictures

Depot Bay, Oregon

Seal Rock, Oregon

A local who owned a home and adjacent cannery building showed us this picture of what the site looked like many yeas ago. No date on it though.
I believe this is the view looking towards the buildings on the Siletz Highway. There's not much left on the side of the river where this picture was taken.

Kernville is an unincorporated community in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States. It is located near the intersection of U.S. Route 101 and Oregon Route 229,
where the Siletz River enters Siletz Bay. There are two communities, known as "old" and "new" Kernville, in close proximity. Old Kernville is considered a ghost town.

The "old" Kernville was the first European community in the area. It was started in 1896 by Daniel and John H. Kern, who operated a salmon cannery, Kern
Brothers Packing Company, on the north bank of the Siletz River. At the time, the isolated location was only accessible by boat. In 1907 the cannery was sold
and the new owners dismantled the building and rebuilt it on the south bank of the river. The sawmill, post office and original community of Kernville were
also located on the more accessible south bank. Eventually the old town site, including what remained on the north side of the river, was abandoned. As of
1945, "new" Kernville was located about a mile downstream from its original location, near the old Oregon Coast Highway bridge. Since the rerouting of U.S.
Route 101 and the completion of a new Siletz River Bridge in the 1980s, new Kernville is no longer on the main highway. Kernville post office ran
intermittently from 1896-1968.

After the decline in the fishing industry that started in the 1920s, the Kernville economy was increasingly based on logging. For a time, Kernville was the
site of an important spruce mill, and during World War I it supplied wood for the airplanes being built by the U.S. Army Spruce Production Division for the
war effort. At this time Kernville was known as "Millport".

The 1971 film about a logging family in Oregon, Sometimes a Great Notion, based on the novel by Ken Kesey, was filmed in Kernville. A local Victorian house
served as the set for the "Stamper House".

I believe this is the structure in the middle in the above period photograph.

This is the view looking down river from the original Kernville site.

This is the view looking up-river from the original Kernville site. Closer to Highway 101 (West of this location) is where the "new" Kernville is located.

The site of the burned down Kernville Steak House and Tavern in "new" Kernville. Local folklore believes that this site is "haunted" since several taverns
have existed at this location and all have burned down.

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