Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

2014 Annual Foliage Ride
A 236 mile loop ride through Rainier, Oregon
SR 4 through Cathlamet, Skamokawa,
Grays River, Rosburg
and Dismal Nitch, Washington
With a lunch stop at Sharons Pizza.
Route 30 back home
November 7, 2014

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There's some great pictures of local area foliage at the links listed below.

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2014 Foliage Ride

Likely the last dry, 50-something degree day until April. Short days.. doesn't
get light out until 07:00 so we're on the road at 07:30. Pretty chilly. VERY foggy.
Improved some by the time we got to Rainier. Better by the time we left Cathlamet.
It was a gorgeous, warm, bluebird day at Dismal Nitch. Started getting cold on the
way back along SR 30. Got a little behind schedule and it was dark about a half
an hour before we made it home. Nice day, overall... and definitely the last chance
for a 2014 foliage ride. Great color but the trees are definitely getting thin.

It's been raining buckets here for a while. This is definitely the last half
way dry, half way not freezing out riding window left for 2014! So.... off we go.
The obligatory stop in Rainier, Oregon.

Here's more pictures of the Rainier, Oregon segment.

A stop in Cathlamet and lunch at Sharons Pizza.

Regular readers here know that I am on a search to find the World's best pizza.
The Lone Fir in Cougar, Washington has always been the front runner for this award.
Been going there for many years. Well... the owner sold out in early 2014 and the
new owners seem to be on a mission to run the place into the ground. They no longer
handle Mount St Helens climb passes (which used to really help keep their cabins
occupied).... and their pizza is now *WORSE* than Dominos. Bummer. Plus, we found
out the next day that the Glenwood Inn is now closed so that means no more yummy
club sandwiches!

Currently, the best pizza we've found so far is a place in Packwood, Washington.
The pizza is quite good. Four stars. But the joint is always crowded and there are
more flies in the place than in an outhouse in Bangalore.

The minimum bar for excellence is the Pizza Hut super supreme pan pizza. Better than
that is four or more stars. Worse than Dominos means we'll never be back.

Sharons puts out a decent pizza. Thin but not too thin crust and soft. Cheese
is tasty and plentiful. Spicy but not overpowering sauce. Toppings were tasty
but not as abundant as we like. At $22 for a large, tax included, the price was
reasonable. The Lone Fir's new price for their truly crappy pizza was over $26.

We always order a "meat lovers" or equivalent pizza. IMHO, Sharon's pizza would be
better with a larger portion and more variety of meat toppings. However, their
pizza is already quite good and is a good value for the price. I always have their
"The One" sub sandwich, which is excellent. This is the first time I have tried
their pizza.

Sharons Pizza is definitely the best food between Longview and Astoria although we
haven't tried Duffys in Grays River yet.

January 31, 2015 update: Stopped in for another meat lover's pizza. The crust
was much better this time. I still think their pizza would be better with more/
additional toppings but at $22 including tax what they serve is a very good value.
I'd expect to have to pay more if they piled on more toppings.... and Cathlamet
being a little town perhaps more than $22 is higher than the locals might want
to pay for a pizza. Maybe they should add a Frankie Meat Lover pizza to their menu?

Cathlamet is a quaint little town. But, like many small towns, they have their
share of idiots. Some hick cop in an unmarked car followed us around for a while.
I can certainly see where a geezer Biker walking around with a Nikon camera taking
pictures could be construed as a threat to the peace and tranquility of this little
burb. Jagoff....

He looked like a jerk. I'm guessing that if I took a picture of his black Dodge
Charger I would have gotten to meet him. Brainless Thug cops are common in
Louisiana. You don't see that many of them in the Pacific Northwest though (thankfully).

Here's more pictures of the Cathlamet, Washington segment.

Here's even more pictures of the Cathlamet, Washington segment.

Here's yet more pictures of the Cathlamet, Washington segment.

Then a stop in the Ghost Town of Skamokawa, Washington.

Here's some pictures of the Abandoned Fish Net Repair Building in Skamokawa, Washington.

Here's more pictures of the Skamokawa, Washington segment.

Here's even more pictures of the Skamokawa, Washington segment.

Here's yet more pictures of the Skamokawa, Washington segment.

And on to the Ghost Town of Grays River, Washington.

Here's more pictures of the Grays River, Washington segment.

Here's even more pictures of the Grays River, Washington segment.

Here's some pictures of the Rosburg, Washington segment.

The obligatory stop at Dismal Nitch, Washington.

Here's more pictures of the Dismal Nitch, Washington segment.

Here's a few pictures taken Along the way on the 2014 Foliage ride.

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